2010-09 September report

Question – What is one of a WI President’s worse nightmares?  Answer – a speaker cancelling at very short notice!  This unfortunately is what happened before the 2010 September meeting when our speaker, Janette Rowlatt from Chocolate Gourmet of Ludlow, was struck down with a bug a few hours before we were due to hold our meeting.  We had held a Falconry Guest Evening in July, had an outing in August, so had not had a ‘regular’ meeting since June, therefore President Julie decided that we would proceed with our September meeting, speaker-less, using the opportunity to recap on the happenings since June, deal with all the accrued business, and have a longer than normal time for socializing!

During the summer Llanbadarn Fynydd WI had held an ‘Any Questions?’ evening which one of our Members had attended and much enjoyed – an evening which Dolau WI  might host at some time in the future. 

Federation events which Members will be attending shortly include a Science Evening, a visit to Bodnant Gardens, a Darts and Dominoes Evening and a Local History Evening.  We were reminded of the Craft/Cookery competitions to be held at the RWS Winter Fair and also received the proposed schedule for the WI Federation Show in May next year!  We succeeded in submitting the highest ever level of entries to the show this summer,  and hope to repeat this next year – so planning starts early! 

At the AGM of the National Federation held in Cardiff in June, the resolution passed this year referred to the clear labelling of the country of origin of food and we had recently received draft letters which could be used to send to MPs and MEPs on this topic, together with a survey to return to National with our findings/thoughts on this important issue.  

We have been invited to a Guest Evening at Llanddewi (always a lovely evening) in September, and will be having an extra meeting to discuss the Programme for next year, before our next meeting in October. 

Chris excelled herself with super refreshments and we thoroughly enjoyed these, whilst catching up with all the ‘summer’ news!

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