2010-10 October report

 The 2010 October meeting of Dolau WI was once again a busy and entertaining evening.  Firstly the business was dealt with: since our last meeting several Members had attended a Federation Forensic Science evening, which had been very informative; a 2011 Programme Planning meeting had been held, with lots of ideas being put forward for speakers and outings; Julie Hardwick had had an enjoyable visit to Bodnant Gardens (another Federation event).

The Federation Monthly Newsletter again listed a wealth of events, including a Chinese Auction, a Games Night, a Christmas Cookery Demonstration and the annual Christmas Concert.

Our speaker for the evening was Ken Maggs from Llangunllo, who accompanied by his wife Carwen, gave a talk on ‘Autumn Fruits’.  Ken had samples of the whole gamut of autumn fruits which he had gathered from far and wide to show us – some we were very familiar with, others – less so.  To our surprise we were treated to several tastings ranging from raisins and nuts, perry cider, cranberry jelly and finishing with everyone’s favourite – blackberry and apple pie (with cream!).  The Members really enjoyed Ken and Carwens visit – there was so much more to the subject than we had imagined and Ken was happy to impart some of his vast knowledge on the subject to us in an interesting way.

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