2011-02 February Report

Dolau WI – Making Jewellery!

Dolau WI held its February meeting in the Community Hall. The treasurer reported a healthy bank balance to see us through the year ahead. Our main expenditure is used to attract a wide variety of entertaining and stimulating speakers and workshops. We also need to work on fundraising and attracting new members this year. County news and events were also discussed.

The President, Julie Hardwick, welcomed Julie Roberts  from the Craft Shop, Knighton. Julie had demonstrated to us before and was welcomed with high expectations of a creative and satisfying evening making our own jewellery. She brought a wonderful eclectic collection of example earrings and the bits and pieces plus tools required for us to make our own.

All members present thoroughly enjoyed the experience of creating their own examples and thanks to Julie’s excellent tuition these proved easily achievable. We each went home happy with an assortment of presents and individually designed personal adornments at little expense.

The evening was a highly rewarding experience.


Members creating their own jewellery following guidance from Julie Roberts


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