2011-03 March Report

Dolau WI – Talk on Bulabakulu Children’s Village Uganda

Chris & Andy Bull updated us on their charity work with Bulabakulu Children’s Village and School in Uganda and brought a stall with items to buy. The WI  opened up this meeting to partners and anybody interested in hearing about and supporting this admirable project.   Click image on right to download sponsor form.


Bulabakulu Children’s Village, Uganda

This very worthwhile charity was started about six years ago by Chris and Andy Bull of Crossgates. It was initiated through a link between Churches in Llandrindod and Bulabakulu, Uganda where the church leaders were inundated by orphaned children bequeathed to their care.

A group of local people visit every year taking with them local expertise to help rebuild this broken community and over the years have built up a remarkable and rewarding relationship.

Andy and Chris gave an illustrated talk and update on their ongoing charity work at Dolau Community Hall on Wednesday 2 March  They explained how they assisted in the construction of a primary school for 120 children, are organising secondary school sponsorship for 38 children, promoting vocational training and projects including gardening, forestry and constructing fishponds.

In January 2011 ten people mostly from the Llandrindod area went out together, including a district nurse who dealt with health issues. The group enabled funding for start of  new year education and arranged placements. They also instigated work on a biomass digester and installed solar lights. One volunteer organised training for the boys to manage cycle repair.

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