2011-06 June Report

Due to circumstances  beyond our control, our proposed visit to Mangar International in Presteigne on 1 st June had to be called off.  We hope to reconvene this visit at a future date. Many apologies to all those who were hoping to join us, we will publish the new date as soon as it
has been arranged and look forward to an interesting visit to an internationally renowned local company.

During this past month there have been many local events on offer from Federation, and Colette attended the National AGM, this year held in Liverpool.  This proved to be an extra lively meeting for as well as the normal business, and the excellent speakers, there was huge controversy about one of the campaigning Resolutions put before the meeting. This Resolution referred to the granting of planning permission by the
Government in respect of ‘factory farms’, often called ‘mega farms’ in the media.  Excellent speakers gave their opinion both for and against the Resolution; a heated debate ensued, and finally the stage was stormed by a very vocal protester who demanded that the Resolution be held over for another year so that more information could be obtained and put before WI members nationally.
After some confusion regarding the legality of the request at this late stage, the meeting voted overwhelmingly to this effect.  Possibly the most exciting AGM since Tony Blair was slow-handclapped for turning his talk into a political campaign several years ago?!The next meeting of DolauWI takes place on Wednesday, 6th July, when Kate Doody will enlighten us with a talk about her work as a female blacksmith; visitors very welcome!

On Wednesday, 10th August we will be visiting Ten Green Bottles in New Radnor.  This is another award-winning local company, this time offering a range of high quality products from 100% locally sourced recycled glass (you may have seen their stand at local exhibitions including the Royal Welsh Show). We will be having a tour of their premises, with demonstrations of the various processes they use to recycle waste glass and textiles into a creative range of products.  We will also have the opportunity to take part in a ‘hand on workshop’ to enable us to make a simple light catcher to take home.  There is a charge of £8 per person, which includes a gift. We will be meeting at the Village Hall at  6.30pm – if you would like to reserve a place please telephone Colette Gwynne on 851050.

On September 7th, Crackpots Pottery will be providing us with a Pottery Decoration Workshop; again, visitors will be very welcome.

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