2012-04 April Report

Dolau WI Report – April 2012

Has anyone else noticed that if we are for a spell of bad weather – it almost always starts on a Wednesday?!  So it was for the April meeting ofDolauWI– members battled their way through gale force winds and snow to get to the meeting – whilst the previous week record-breaking temperatures had been recorded!

In the business part of the evening the Federation Newsletter was discussed; as normal there were a lot of opportunities on offer – the forthcoming Annual Council Meeting with guest speaker Kate Bliss, antique expert and television celebrity, an evening to discuss the Resolution being put forward at the National AGM, a Federation Quiz, and various workshops to name but a few.  Last, but not least, our entries for the Federation County Show in Knighton on 12th May were discussed – ‘work in progress’ was the decision!

After the business, we were pleased to welcome Val Lymer, who was to talk to us on the ‘History of Quilting’.  Val started her talk by explaining that many years ago patchwork, and quilting, had just been a way for the housewife to make use of scraps of material to make a household item.  It would definitely have been a task ‘born from necessity’ rather than a craft, as it would be considered today.  Over the years, patchwork and quilting has developed as a very popular craft, and now perfectly good lengths of material may be cut up into pieces, only to be sewn back together in a different way!  Val had brought a myriad of examples of her work with her and we were interested to hear about the various patterns and techniques used in the beautiful quilts and wall-hangings, and to see the wonderful effects created.  Val assured us that with the help of modern technology, achieving such effects was not as difficult as it perhaps appeared – but we were not all convinced of this!  Whilst talking about materials, Val mentioned that bamboo is used these days in some material, whereupon one of our visitors announced that her knickers were made of bamboo – and very comfortable they were too apparently!  Sometimes you can have just too much information……….!!

We finished the evening by enjoyed the refreshments supplied by Mary and Jenny, and discussed arrangements for our forth-coming Guest evening which will be a Seasonal Cookery Demonstration on 2nd May – see item in ‘Forthcoming events’.

Visitors are always welcome at our meetings – we meet at Dolau Community Hall on the first Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm.  Please phone Julie Hardwick on 851256 or Colette Gwynne on 851050 if you would like more information.

The WI – all kinds of opportunity for all kinds of women

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